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Defining Community Loyalty Management
At Kalder, we are committed to building the future of interactive and interoperable loyalty tools.
It has never been more challenging and expensive for brands to acquire customers. Kalder's innovative CLM - Community Loyalty Management – drives engagement and retention. We equip brands with the tools to turn customers into community.
Our Mission
Turning Customers
into Community
By building a shared loyalty network on the blockchain, Kalder enables thousands of brands and creators to integrate their loyalty programs, creating an interoperable and interactive rewards economy.
With Kalder, brands are empowered to partner with any other brand and seamlessly co-create with their millions of community members.
Community into Co-Creators
Our Story
Building in Web3 & Brands Since 2017
As a team of crypto and brand experts with prior experience at Opensea, Robinhood, Compound and a history of building & advising DTC brands - our team brings the best in class for web3, marketing, product excellence and brand insights.
Kalder is proud to be leading the way for powering loyalty with web3.
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