Unlock a New Era of Loyalty:
Where Every Interaction is Rewarded
Gamify, automate and monetize loyalty programs with Kalder – with 19x better retention.
Membership Portal
Launch your Member Portal under your website and app in less than 8 minutes. Customize it with benefits to engage customers and boost retention across your site, store, and events.
Reward Exchange
Create unlimited partnerships in 1-click, no matter your brand’s size. Members can unlock exclusive rewards with selected partners.
Automated, Interactive Benefits
Use Kalder CLM (Community Loyalty Management) Tools to engage customers beyond the sale. Reward members for engaging at any touchpoint, and use insights to increase loyalty and sales.
Interactive Benefits
Omni Channel
Global and Mobile-First
Earn, spend, and exchange rewards anywhere from Godiva USA -> Starbucks Korea. Drive sales across all channels. Memberships in the Mobile Wallet can increase engagement by 75%.
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